Langaton Alpacas

Langaton Alpacas

Stud Males and Services

At Langaton our stud team consists of top quality prize winning Huacaya and Suri males in varying colours. From our experienced, proven males producing show-winning progeny to our new up-and-coming homebred young males, there is a lad for your lady.

We have been successfully breeding alpacas for fifteen years, which combined with a life-long experience in dairy and sheep industry we feel entirely confident to advise clients on male selection to suit individual females to breed excellent stock, or simply beautiful coloured alpacas to grace your paddock.

Alpacas at Langaton possess some of the most sought after bloodlines in the world, - these include genetics from the renowned Accoyo and Alianza herds in Peru and are available through our stud males.

Viewings of all the stud males and their progeny are welcome by appointment.

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Langaton Alpacas
Langaton Alpacas

Stud Procedure

Once your alpaca has produced her cria at home and mum and baby are settled and well, then she will be ready to return to stud. This is generally within 3 weeks of giving birth, and we are happy to offer a collection/return service for anyone without transport.  Females stay at Langaton until they are scanned pregnant at around 50-60 days - we are happy for clients to visit their alpacas at any time during this period, although we aim to provide updates on current state of play.


We fully appreciate that once a cria is born owners will miss out on those special early days. For this reason and for clients who do not live too far away we are happy for clients to bring their females to us for mating and them take them home again – this service attracts a small discounted stud fee.


This can be an option where the female needs to stay with the owner for whatever reason. This can prove a more costly exercise for the owners as an additional charge is made and we try to ensure that a group of females are covered in one outing. Contact us for details.


All females mated on farm are scanned before return. In addition to this we can offer a scanning service to monitor your females during the remainder of the pregnancy if necessary.

Langaton Alpacas

Stud Males

We have both Huacaya and Suri stud males in varying colours at Langaton from some of the best bloodlines available in the UK. To view our stud males click here.

Accoyo Bloodlines at Langaton

In the spring of 2001 a breeding group of pure Accoyo alpacas were selected from the renowned Accoyo herd owned by Don Julio Barreda of Macusani, Peru, marking an exciting new initiative for the improvement of the alpacas in Europe and UK. At Langaton we have a growing nucleus of pure Accoyo Suri and Huacaya alpacas from the 2001 import which we are using to selectively improve the quality of our existing herd. These genetics are available through the Accoyo stud males.

Here are four of our outstanding males with Accoyo bloodlines:

    Accoyo Costello
    DoB 23-9-03

    • 1st placed Huacaya white adult male, Devon County Show 2006
    • Huacaya Reserve male champion, Devon County Show 2006
    • Adult Male Champion, Bath and West Show 2006
    • Adult Male Champion, Three Counties Show 2006
    • 2nd place intermediate white male, South of England Show 2005
    • 1st place intermediate white male, Bath and West Show 2005
    • Supreme Huacaya Champion, Bath and West Show 2007
Accoyo Costello
Quetchuan Frottle

    Quetchuan Frottle
    DoB 1-1-98

    Accoyo Don Juan
    DoB 27-5-04

    Sire: Accoyo Bullyman

    • Supreme Show Champion Suri, Bath and West 2006
    • Supreme Champion Suri, The Royal Show 2006
Accoyo Don Juan
Accoyo Suri Chancer

    Accoyo Suri Chancer
    DoB 24-6-03

    Sire: Accoyo Bullyman

    • 1st placed adult fawn male, Devon County Show 2006
    • Champion adult male suri, Royal Show 2005
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